life insurance

life insurance

Why Life Insurance With PJ Ramaekers?

“It’s not a matter of IF you need life insurance, but a matter of how much, and for how long…” -Patrick Ramaekers

Patrick Ramaekers and his son Nicholas, have over 65 years experience in the life insurance industry, and both care a great deal for their clients. So much so that Pat and Nick have personally delivered well over 500 life claim checks to the families of their clients.

Pat and Nick will help you to plan for your family’s future. They will personally sit down with you to review your goals, and discuss your financial fears in the event that you’re family has to move on without you. They will focus on the goals and needs that are important to you, be it estate planning, income annuities to supplement retirement income, long term care protection, etc.

Perhaps it is just a short 5 year term you are interested in, to help cover your child’s college expenses should something happen to you? Or perhaps you’re looking at long term planning and want to know the difference between a whole life policy and a universal life policy? Pat and Nick can help you with that.